Introduction to commercial solar power

Hi, my name is Dan Stojanovic. I’m the general manager of LJW Solar. A business should look at commercial solar because of the great return on the investment. The numbers, as I’ve said in the past, the numbers don’t lie. If you’re a small business you can get substantial returns and you can also save. […]

The Big Picture of Renewable Energy | DoE Director Shares Insights at 2017 Partner Summit

I thank Boaz and the BayWa team here for the chance to speak today. My name is Charlie Gaye, I’ve been working in solar for a little more than 43 years now. In the last six months, I’ve been at the Department of Energy, so I’m really interested in hearing what you think we ought […]

How did Bidfoods Melbourne overcome the commercial solar installation challenges to maximise ROI?

(motivational music) – Today we’re at Bidfood in Truganina which is in the western side of Melbourne. They’re a cold storage facility they food distribution. They’re a national based business that have got facilities like this all over the country. (motivational music) It’s 270 kilowatt site, there’s 684 LG 400 watt panels and we’ve paired […]

Güneş paneli ile elektrik üretimi nasıl olur doğal enerji alternatif enerji yenilenebilir enerji

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Howard Wenger: Helix is “world’s first fully-integrated commercial solar solution”

Elaine:Hi, welcome to [Green Biz] Studio, I’m Elaine Hsieh, the Verge program director for Green Biz Group, and I’m here with Howard Wenger from Sun Power, he’s the president. Welcome, Howard. Howard:Great to be here. Thank you Elaine. Elaine:Great, so glad you could join us. One of the questions that I had was telling that […]

Internalizing Complexity in Solar Industry | Enphase CEO Shares Insights at 2017 Partner Summit

Paul very much for having me. This is not something we get to do enough, frankly. Being the technology provider, usually leaves us a couple of steps removed from the installer, which we don’t like, but it’s sort of where we sit in the supply chain, but it is very much our intention to get […]