What New Legislation Means for the Solar Industry in the Next 10 Years

Sean O’Reilly: So, guys, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but solar’s got a little bit of a pop. Tyler Crowe: Something like that. Taylor Muckerman: A little bit. As hot as the surface of the sun, those stocks. O’Reilly: Congress gave them a Christmas season. Crowe: It’s the season of giving. O’Reilly: They extended […]

The economics of commercial solar power – an example of a 50kW system

This video is going to show you the financials for a 50 kilowatt commercial solar system. If you’re thinking of solar this is the essence of it. This is a demonstration in the form of video of our financial modeling process. It will show you some actual numbers about what a solar power systems costs […]

Coffs Solar Energy

At Coffs Solar Energy we pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship. Our in-house team of professional licensed solar electricians work with precision and attention to detail. Each solar system is installed to maximize its lifespan and power generation and we back our workmanship with a five-year all-of-system warranty. If you buy a solar […]

The Solar Panel and Beyond: An Integrated Approach to Energy Cost Reduction

Eric: Hello. Did you tell them that was … That’s my daughter’s? Come on stage, guys. Hi, I’m [Eric Furough 00:00:11] if you don’t know me, and I am bringing on stage Tom Werner, the CEO of Sun Power, Robert Eckhardt, the director of architecture and renewable energy development. We can just pause with that. […]

Howard Wenger: Helix is “world’s first fully-integrated commercial solar solution”

Elaine:Hi, welcome to [Green Biz] Studio, I’m Elaine Hsieh, the Verge program director for Green Biz Group, and I’m here with Howard Wenger from Sun Power, he’s the president. Welcome, Howard. Howard:Great to be here. Thank you Elaine. Elaine:Great, so glad you could join us. One of the questions that I had was telling that […]

True Value Solar – James Hird Commercial

energy prices on the rise and we’re all aware of the benefits of using solar to power our home true value solar of the solar specialist and one of Australia’s largest installers of solar power so-called true value solar for your solution today yeah you tomm booty call 13 solar for the best deals under […]