Pay As You Go Community Solar Explained

Solar power is clean, local and more affordable than ever. And thus, more popular. In 2006, only thirty thousand American homes had solar panels. Today, that number has grown to over one million. But what if you don’t own your home? Don’t have an ideal roof? Or simply don’t want to deal with solar panels […]

What is Community Solar?

Community solar is a new way for people to benefit from solar energy and we at Neighborhood Sun are excited to tell you about it. So what is community solar? Community solar provides people with affordable locally produced clean energy without installing any panels on their roof or charging any upfront fees. Anybody who pays […]

Solar For Everyone, Not Just The Select Few

I’m excited to work on our White Marsh project because it offers opportunities for underserved communities where the benefits largely benefit low to moderate household income, where they can receive 25% of their BG&E bill and that’s a historic discount and residents can reap those benefits for free. They don’t have to do anything. In […]

State Federal Solar Tax Credits-CEEE Solar Energy Fair

Thank you all for being here today. This is about the state tax credits. They were legislatively passed in 2012, and you can see how much was awarded that year. The next year the cap of 1.5 million was met in tax credits from the state of Iowa that were given away. The same thing […]

Seattle City Light — Solar Energy in the Community (closed caption)

There was much celebration when Beacon Hill and other Seattle residents dedicated the new features at Jefferson Park, a combination playground and picnic facility built atop a Seattle Public Utility water reservoir. There are plenty of places to relax and play but a feature which may have been overlooked is the roof of this new […]

About Us | Solstice™ Community Solar

For the first time in history Solar is cheap enough That it can help everyone save money on their electricity bill But there’s a problem 80 percent of Americans can’t install solar Because their rooftops are either shaded or facing in the wrong direction They rent, or they can’t afford the upfront costs Solstice is […]