State of Development – Mobility Services & goSono App | Sono Motors

Hi. I’m happy to present our goSono team to you today. It is the team I am working in as a product manager for our mobility services. We are eight people by now and we are busy to make the goSono app working in a way that everybody using it in the future is happy […]

GW22 Sunday Surgery | Elite FPL Call – In | Reaction | #FPL #FANTASYPL #FANTASYFOOTBALL

How We Give Back to Our Community at LPE // Honest Electricity

Are you with a sports club or community organisation in need of extra cash? Keep watching to learn how LPE is giving back to our community. Hi, I’m Julie, Team Leader of Customer Service at LPE. We are a QLD-based electricity supplier and we believe in supporting our local community. One way we do this […]

Foula Electricity Trust

Isobel Holbourn: I’m a crafter in Foula, I came to Foula in 1956, and I’ve been here more or less ever since. So it’s about 50 years, over 50years I’ve been here, we had no electricity at all to start with then the very first electricity I ever had was we got a small second […]

Christmas This Man just paid off the past dues for 36 Families at risk of losing their electricity

When Michael Esmond got his utility bills — due December 26 — his mind went straight to the 1980s, when he had trouble making ends meet. So the Florida business owner found out who in his Gulf Breeze community was at risk of having their utilities disconnected. Then, he paid 36 families’ bills ahead of […]

TC Energy Scholarship Recipient — Cayley — Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation, Alberta

I’m originally from Fort Chipewyan, Alberta. That is located in Northeastern Alberta. And, I was raised in an isolated community by my Mother, and she was a single mom for many years, so she raised myself and my brother and sister. And she was the most hard-working woman I’ve ever seen. But, growing up in […]