Episode 18 – Chris Urmson: Aurora CEO – Autonomous Driving

[MUSIC]>>People talk about Silicon Valley engineers being risk-takers. I think it’s actually the opposite. It’s the realization that if you go and try one of these things and you’re actually good at what you do, if it fails, it fails. You’ll have a job the next day at somewhere else, right? And you’ll have this […]

Sensitivity Analysis and Tornado Plots

This screencast is going to go over a sensitivity analysis, and we’re going to generate a tornado plot. A sensitivity analysis is basically a study into how sensitive is the process, so the process outputs, to the inputs. So just as an example here we have a process, and it’s got a bunch of inputs, […]

This Is the End of the Silicon Chip, Here’s What’s Next

Electronics keep getting smaller, and it’s all thanks to electric switches called transistors. When these little fellas replaced vacuum tubes, computers went from the size of entire rooms to merely the corner of a room. In the 60-odd years since, transistors have kept shrinking, scaling down and powering up our electronics with them. But many […]