Stirling Engine Powered by Fresnel Lens/Concentrated Solar Power

Hi Gang! As promised, I tried out my Stirling engine with my fresnel lens, basically powering it with concentrated solar power. And as you’ll see, it worked very well. For those not familiar with fresnel lenses, they take a large area of sunlight, in this case 2 feet by 4 feet, and focus, or concentrate […]

SkyFuel + US Digital: Highlighting Concentrated Solar Power

I think the solar production of electricity is very important because it’s a renewable method for making electricity than we rely upon every day. This comes from a source that’s almost always available to us, the sun. In countries that are developing a middle class like China and India the demand for electricity is growing […]

How Linear Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Plants Work (Animation)

– [Instructor] Hi, John here. In this video, we’re gonna look at a Linear Concentrator. It’s a type of solar power station where we use the heat from the sun’s rays to generate electricity. We’re gonna have a look at all of the main components within the system and we’re gonna explain to you how […]

Myths & Misconceptions of Solar Energy: Part 1

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. I’m very happy to welcome you to today’s session on the first part of the solar myths. I would like to thank the International Solar Alliance and the Clean Energy Solutions Center for facilitating this webinar series. Some background for me. Before I joined Factor in 2010, I had been director […]

The Solar Power Towers of Southern Spain

These are the solar power towers of southern Spain. This is one of the sunniest parts of Europe, and these were two of the first solar towers ever built. Almost 2,000 heliostats, movable mirrors, constantly reflect the sun onto the towers, heating up water into steam, and powering a turbine to generate electricity. And if […]

Israel’s renewable energy revolution will build bridges, says Energix CEO | The New Economy

The New Economy: Renewable energy is a growing industry in Israel, and is important also from a strategic viewpoint. Being able to produce energy from clean sources would liberate the country from its political and financial dependence on its neighbours’ oil and natural gas supplies. With me to discuss how the sector is developing is […]

New solar system for improved energy-efficiency

Finding creative solutions to energy issues and energy – efficient buildings has become a major priority for Europe in recent years. Today simple, non-polluting technologies are deployed quickly. This industrial building in Malta hosts the prototype of an EU-funded optical system developed in the framework of the European project DiGeSPo. Its Concentrated-solar technology will be […]