North Anna Nuclear Plant

it’s what’s the situation with the north and nuclear plant in virginia world at that moment i heard that matteo virginia with the epicenter at bata aloha at the home town of north and a nuclear power plant the current situation is that uh… the electrical greeted power which have been lost yesterday afternoon i’ve […]

Hydropower generation and potential around the world

Did you know That global investment in renewable energy now outstrips investment in fossil fuel? Did you know that in 2013 there was more hydro commissioned than solar and wind? Actually, with the recent developments world hydropower capacity has now reached 1,000 giga watts (GW) That’s enough to provide renewable electricity to 1 billion people […]

IMarEST Lord Kelvin Lecture – Looking Back to A Martime Future

>>Good evening, everybody. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us tonight. One thing I will say is that this lecture is about to be live-streamed, or is currently being live-streamed. I believe we had 52 people sign up online to watch this. So, if I could ask you just turn your mobiles onto silent […]

Duke University Energy Conference 2017 – Panel: Renewable Energy

– I hope everyone enjoyed lunch. My name is Paige Swofford, I’m a third year, dual degree student here at Duke. And one of the co-presidents of the MBA Energy Club. And I’m really excited to introduce our next panel. We have some wonderful speakers here with us. Immediately to my left is Zoe Gamble […]