Funding Conservation in North Carolina

– This is Duke University. – Good afternoon, everybody. Thank you all for coming. It’s a pleasure to see you here on a beautiful day here in Durham. I’m sure it’s beautiful in Chapel Hill too but. (audience laughs) But in any event, thanks for coming inside for this event. We are honored today to […]

ENGINEERING MYTH: Is Hydropower a Renewable Energy?

– Hey everyone, I’m Jess. I’m currently unemployed. I make videos about engineering, science, and conservation. And today I’m in beautiful Romania. It’s actually kinda crazy. When I got here, and the entire week that I’ve been here, I’ve felt like Romania is almost exactly like Canada. There’s so much beautiful nature that is untouched […]

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY NEWS – Water conservation and sustainable power generation plan

In sustainable energy news, Formosa (Taiwan) converts fish farms to a viable solar energy business. To help reconstruction and promote development in areas affected by the 2009 Typhoon Morakot, The Honorable Magistrate Tsao Chi-Hung of Pingtung County introduced the water conservation and sustainable power generation plan. It involves the former fish farmers renting out their […]

I’m a Tea Party conservative. Here’s how to win over Republicans on renewable energy.

This is my cell phone, okay? Does that look like that is the cell phone case of a liberal? My dad is a retired baptist minister. He told me that in order to get people to hear your message, you have to get them in the church. That is a mistake that a lot of […]

Solar-Powered Water Systems for Grazing Operations

Today’s webinar moderator is Kevin Ogles. Kevin is the grazing lands specialist here at our center. Now Kevin, the floor is yours. Thanks, Holli. I just want to introduce our first speaker here in just a minute. But we’re so glad everybody could join in today. And we just wanted to make a couple of […]

Dubai: The Solar Tipping Point – DRONEWEEK – GE

Mohannad Esper: The sun is the most powerful energy source at our disposal. It provides enough renewable energy in just one hour to power all humankind’s activities for one year. We just need to figure out how to capture it. The United Arab Emirates is located in the Arabian Peninsula, and it’s very rich with […]

A Trump-supporting Texas city runs on 100% renewable energy

In the heart of Trump country, Texas, one city runs on 100% renewable energy: Georgetown. Population: 70,685. For Republican mayor Dale Ross, the choice to go renewable was a no-brainer. It’s still rare to find a place where renewables are the only source of energy but Georgetown is a sign that it’s possible in a […]

National Energy Conservation Day | Exam Related Information for SSC, Railway & Bank

Press the Bell Icon to never miss a video from Hello Friends and welcome to this video. Every year, on 14th December, throughout India National Energy Conservation Day is celebrated. In India, Energy Conservation Act was launched by Energy Efficiency Bureau in 2001. Energy Efficiency Bureau is a constitutional body which works under Indian […]