Can You Get Rich Off Solar Power? 💰 | Earth Your While w/ Zach Anner

– Hi, we’re in Georgetown, Texas and I’m about to interview Mayor Dale Ross, who’s converted his entire town to wind and solar energy. And I know we’re making a show about saving the world and the environment, blah, blah, blah. What I wanna know is how do we make some of that sweet wind […]

Spain Privatizes the Sun: Solar Power Collection Tax

solar power in Spain a lot of people are angry that spain has essentially privatize the sunday put together a consumption tax on solar power via a Royal Decree it taxes people who are gathering sunlight on the wrong in other words you can pay to have a professional installation done um up solar panels […]

Mass Price Drop in Solar Power: No Longer ‘Alternative?’

big dropped in solar power prices and hopefully it will make alternative energy no longer alternative there’s an article in the economist which talks about the price of photobook uh… the cost of photovoltaic bubble take cells per what but they generate right now in nineteen seventy seven it would cost seven little over seventy […]

China Builds Largest Solar Plant in World While US Falls Behind

let’s talk a little bit about solar power arizona-based First Solar started construction on the world’s largest solar plant in Ordos China and upon completion in 2019 the solar farm is going to be a 2,000 megawatt facility producing clean energy birth 3 million homes this is the world’s largest solar prop project to date […]

Coal? Wind? Solar? Which ACTUALLY Works Better in Winter? (feat. The Space Gal, Emily Calandrelli)

Warm welcome back to “Uno Dos of Trace.” Thank you for watching “Hello Science” last week. I really hope you loved it. I got so excited when so many of you tuned in. Hello, new people. Welcome to the channel. This is great. OK, let’s kick into it. Wintertime makes people crazy. Now I say […]

Fox News Caught Lying/Knowing Nothing on Solar Power

welcome back to the david back-bencher welcome back to the show if you shop on amazon at all please go to our website david patten dot com click the black band at that link to the amazon on the right side and then just do your shopping you bag your stuff to shopping cart you […]

Why One Conservative Texas City Went 100% Renewable | Hot Mess 🌎

Imagine an American city that runs on 100% renewable energy. A town that’s completely given up on fossil fuels and replaced them with wind and solar What kind of town are you picturing? A big city, like San Francisco? A sunny, hip oasis in the desert? Maybe a progressive village in Vermont? What about a […]