Adjara TV: Residents appealing against Clean Energy Invest, Tata Power, IFC hydropower plant

Now, the Adjara highlands. In Khulo, residents of the villages Ghurta and Iakobadzeebi are continuing their lawsuit against a hydropower construction company. Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association is representing them. The residents lost in the first instance, but are taking their case to the Appeals Court. They claim that their rights have been violated, and that […]

MWH Enables an Energy Revival Along the Ohio River

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hydropower is a clean, renewable energy source. The designs are robust. They’ll last a long time. So it’s clean, renewable energy for generations to come. The four AMP projects are located along the Ohio River starting upstream in West Virginia with the Willow Island project, followed by the Meldahl project, Cannelton project, and […]

The Making of Brynwhilach Solar Farm

As the project manager, I’m jointly responsible for managing the construction process Making sure the site is built on time, within budget and according to industry and Good Energy’s high quality standards Good Energy identified Brynwhilach as a great site for solar The land is slightly South-facing to flat and there are hardly any direct […]

Izgradnja male hidroelektrane Bočac 2 / Construction of MHPP Bočac 2

Each new kilowatt of renewable energy is a step forward to implementation of global indicators for energetic sustainability. This is the reason a Mini Hydro-Power Plant Bočac 2, with 10 MW of installed power, is a new pearl in the network of Elektroprivreda of the Republic of Srpska. Mini Hydro-Power Plant Bočac 2 is located […]

Committee set to announce its decision on whether to scrap nuclear reactor construction

We should have a clearer idea about the future of nuclear energy in the nation in the coming hours. A committee — asked to canvass public opinion on the government’s plan to permanently halt construction of the Shin Kori 5-and-6 reactors in Ulsan — will have their say at ten AM, Korea time, in less […]

China’s Nuclear Boom | China’s Future MEGAPROJECTS: Part 7

Another answer is nuclear power, which is much less controversial in China because of its prodigious demand for electricity–and the inability of its people to mount any real challenges to the government’s plans. Mainland China currently has 31 nuclear power reactors in operation, and another 24 under construction. Compare this to the United States, which […]

Solar Electric PV Solar Farm Kanchanaburi Thailand 10MW

This is a 10 mega watt solar farm in Thailand still under construction Do a swing around here they’re using amorphous silicon They’ve done a nice job so far they’ve structured it for easy maintenance. The setup is very straightforward and continue swinging on around here And it running 1000 volts DC output (machine room […]

📺 Cambodia Construction and Property News(ព័ត៍មានសំណង់និងអចលនទ្រព្យប្រចាំសប្តាហ៍) 07 September 2019

Hello, welcome to Construction & Property weekly news. Every week, we bring hot news regarding construction and property in Cambodia to you. With no further delay, let’s go to the news contents of this week. Council of Ministers endorses draft of construction law Ministry of Tourism to designate Koh Seh as special tourist destination Deal […]

What are Microgrids? | The B1M

With 60% of the human population set to be living in urban areas by 2030 – and pressure on regional and national power grids continuing to grow – a number of cities are now turning towards localised energy production for new developments. As the name suggests, “microgrids” are small scale electrical networks that operate independently, […]

3 Ways Elon Musk is Disrupting the Construction Industry | The B1M

Pioneering startups and tech savvy entrepreneurs are disrupting the construction industry like never before. But the stand-out figure in this exciting revolution is undoubtedly Elon Musk. Widely regarded as one of the most ambitious and successful entrepreneurs of recent times, Musk is the man behind Tesla, SpaceX and a whole host of other companies that […]