Inside radioactive ruins of Chernobyl’s nuclear reactor No 4 after disaster – Today News

 Rare footage from inside Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant’s control room shows the devastating aftermath of the infamous catastrophe  The Chernobyl nuclear disaster saw a series of explosions and a subsequent fire at the fourth reactor, releasing radioactive fallout into the surrounding countryside  More than eight million people were exposed to elevated levels of radiation as […]

Power Plant Operators, Distributors, and Dispatchers Career Video

From individual home furnaces to the bright lights of the big city… keeping homes and businesses powered-up takes round-the-clock operations at power plants. Whether from coal, gas, nuclear energy, wind, or solar sources… power plant operators, distributors, and dispatchers control the systems that provide electric power. Nuclear power reactor operators control nuclear reactors. They monitor […]

LED SOLAR LIGHT 💥 Richarm Flood Light (Security) Review 👈

so today we have a solar light to show you it’s a floodlight from Richarm and it has 25 super-bright LEDs now this solar light comes with remote control that’s always handy to have with these things it has 25 LEDs to provide 300 lumens and it offers a 120 degree angle this right here […]

How to create an interactive Simulator in Simulink using Dashboard blocks

So here I have a user interface for a Hydro power plant, as you can see the simulation runs in real time, and I start to increase the speed of the turbine. So I will start to increase the nominal voltage reference, the excitation voltage will increase and the excitation current will increase as well […]

Solar Power, panels, charge regulator controller, battery…

Epic fail! I should have said two hours, not half an hour!

Why Fighter Jets Can Be Too Unstable

This episode of Real Engineering is brought my new Moleskin style Graph Paper Notebook on sale now at the link below. Flying in a plane through turbulence can be a bit nerve wracking experience for some. Hearing that announcement bell ring followed by the pilot calmly saying that you are approaching “rough air”. You fasten […]