we humans are very careless we prefer money over health meanwhile pollution is increasing significantly in the past ten years we have water purifiers to filter our water but what about air pollution do you think you’re breathing in pure air according to wh0 9 out of 10 people are breathing polluted air which kills […]

How to Make a Gas-Powered Rocket | Science Projects

Do you guys like rockets? Think about it; the space shuttle is so small, but when it’s about to leave the earth, it’s attached to this giant, giant, giant thing. Why? Gravity is such a force; it doesn’t want your rocket to leave. There’s so many chemicals that are needed to get that small, little […]

German Scientists Just Tested NASA’s EM Drive… Does It Work Now?

The idea of being able to get around space as easily as we get around in our cars is a dream many have grasped at, but none have achieved so far (although not for lack of trying: Elon, I’m looking at you). We’ve covered the so-called impossible drive several times on this channel. And according […]

How to Make a Car Out of Paper & Candies | Science Projects

Hi guys. You know, today when you think of machines, we think of computers, we think of air conditioners, we think of helicopters, we think of giant bulldozers. But the reality is simple machines have been around for thousands of years. Simple machines are things that make work easier. What’s a simple machine? Think of […]

Is Phosphorus the Reason We Haven’t Found Aliens Yet?

As my favorite comic strip artist once said, “The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that is none of it has tried to contact us.” But as it turns out, we earthlings may be luckier than we previously thought. Scientists have new evidence that one element in particular may be […]

The Mystery Behind Jupiter’s Powerful Auroras

Jupiter is the king of the solar system, the king has a crown! But, like, what’s it made of? Jupiter, has auroras. We’ve known this for a while, Hubble spotted them. But they’re not regular auroras, they are the most powerful in the solar system. Earth could fit inside this loop. Yeah. CH-YEAH. It’s awesome. […]