Solar Innovations Reduce Energy Costs | DuPont

From the dawn of civilization there has been light. The light and heat from the Sun is what keeps us alive. The Sun was so important to many ancient civilizations they even chose to worship it. But over many years our expectations grew we wanted not only heat and light but also non-stop energy at […]

Are Solar Panels Worth It ? Watch This Video To Find Out

Are Solar Panels Worth It Watch This Video To Find Out Are Solar Panels Worth It YES THEY ARE We will show how they save you thousands of dollars in energy bills – so please watch the video for instructions. How Can I Start Using Green Energy Yes, Solar Panels are a very good way […]


We finally did it y’all. Solar panels! Hey y’all! Welcome back to my YouTube channel, where I show you how to effectively use smart technology, vegan food, and sustainable travel & lifestyle habits to live an adventurously green life. In this video, I’m sharing with you that we finally got solar panels. Our last update […]

How Long Will My Solar System Installation Take?

How long will my solar panel installation take? My name is Matthew Ward I am the Construction Manager for Semper Solaris A typical installation with Semper Solaris takes 1-2 days Some of the bigger projects will go on a little bit longer Larger projects will expand that timeline and that will be identified prior to […]

Real Cost of Solar Panels in Ontario | Estimating Solar Panel Cost

Have a nice evening everybody. This is Christos Margetis from Semantic Mavens and today as we promised you we will speak about a very serious subject which is the real cost of solar panels in Ontario and how to estimate the real cost concerning solar panels in Ontario. So speaking about the real cost of […]

Solar Panel Estimate: In-Home Visits VS. Ballpark Figures When Considering Solar

Solar Panel Estimates: Why we prefer in-home visits over ballpark figures when considering solar My name is John Huey, I’m an appointment coordinator for Semper Solaris ballpark figures are provided by a lot of companies the problem with that is there are questions that are unanswered from a Google Earth view and from getting emailed […]

Solar Energy Facts & How To Save Money On Your Energy Bill

Solar Energy Facts & How To Save Money On Your Energy Bill Important facts about solar energy, and why you should strongly consider implementing this form of renewable enrgy in your home. Contrary to what many people think, Solar Energy doesn’t have to be expensive – you can actually set up your solar power system […]