Automating Visual Inspections in Energy and Manufacturing with AI (Cloud Next ’19)

[MUSIC PLAYING] MANDEEP WARAICH: My name is Mandeep Waraich, and I lead the Industrial AI Initiative for Google Cloud. Thank you so much for joining. Really delighted to have you here. At Google, we believe that the goal of every technology should be to enrich our lives, to take our societies, our collective humanity, forward. […]

The Solar Panel and Beyond: An Integrated Approach to Energy Cost Reduction

Eric: Hello. Did you tell them that was … That’s my daughter’s? Come on stage, guys. Hi, I’m [Eric Furough 00:00:11] if you don’t know me, and I am bringing on stage Tom Werner, the CEO of Sun Power, Robert Eckhardt, the director of architecture and renewable energy development. We can just pause with that. […]