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What Happens If You Caught The Coronavirus?

This is SARS CoV-2. It belongs to the family of coronaviruses, named for crownlike spikes on their surfaces. SARS CoV-2 can cause COVID-19, a contagious viral infection that attacks primarily your throat and lungs. What actually happens in your body when you contract the coronavirus? What exactly causes your body to develop pneumonia? And how […]

Auto Industry and Coronavirus l Covid-19 l #stayhome ⚠️⛔

hello guys and welcome back to a new video today we will talk a little bit about the auto industry after coronavirus and how the coronavirus or covid-19 affect the auto industry and I am here to give you a few information about those stuff I have a lot of friends in auto industry and […]

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–Music– How exactly do we become “under the weather”? The question has fascinated the field of medicine for millennia. Observers of disease, from Hippocrates to Salk, have noticed that illnesses ebb and flow with the seasons. Influenza, for instance, goes away in the summer and comes back in late fall or winter. Now that a […]

COVID-19, Edge of the Milky Way, Strange Sounds in Sweden Viewer Q&A

hi everybody if you had been here for the last ten minutes where fluffy had been hanging around tonight and we thought oh he’s decided that he wants to join and chocolate was already sitting down underneath the table in front of me and everything was just so peaceful and wonderful and then it’s just […]