Parliament addresses safety of nuclear power plants

Lawmakers at the National Assembly fired questions at officials in charge of the nation’s nuclear power plants… amid growing concerns about safety after the two earthquakes that hit the country in recent days. Lawmakers on Thursday urged the officials to undertake stronger earthquake safety measures,… such as raising the sea wall at nuclear power plants, […]

Korea ranks fourth in nuclear energy dependence 한국 핵발전 비중 세계 4위…신재생에너지 82위

Korea has been promoting smarter energy use and encouraging lower gas consumption to contribute to a more sustainable energy future. The country relies heavily on nuclear power that generates less greenhouse effect, but some experts say it′s high time Korea shifted its focus to other forms of renewable energy. Sohn Jung-in reports. According to the […]

Open offices are overrated

Stop! Let’s break this down. We all know open offices are bad. There’ve been studies that show that private offices “clearly outperformed” open ones. Open offices are about saving money. Pricey real estate means that every square foot’s a dollar sign, and that’s fine. But we don’t like to talk about it that way. We […]

Vision of a nuclear energy-free Korea?

It was part of this administration’s policy goals,… to go all nuclear fee. With the government setting up a committee tasked to carry that policy goal,… it’s no easy for a country to move away from the cheap energy source that it had relied for a long time. And our Kim Ji-yeon tells us more […]

Korea’s oldest nuclear reactor closed down after 40 years in operation

South Korea’s oldest nuclear reactor has been shut down permanently after four decades in operation. The full dismantling of the reactor is expected to take at least 15 years. Kim Hyo-sun reports. After 40 years of non-stop operation,… Korea’s oldest nuclear reactor was powered down on Sunday. The Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Corporation says […]

Korea’s Wolsong nuclear reactor shut after technical issue

Korea’s Wolsong No. 1 nuclear power reactor was automatically shut down Wednesday night after experiencing a technical problem. According to an official at Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power on Thursday, there has been no radiation leak and the power generating station is stable. He added that they’re currently looking into the problem. The Wolsong reactor […]

S. Korea, U.S. hold first high level commission meeting on nuclear energy

South Korea and the United States are holding the first general meeting of their high-level committee on nuclear energy in Seoul today,… a follow-up to the Seoul-Washington nuclear energy accord reached last year. Prior to the inaugural session of the High Level Bilateral Commission,… the U.S. Deputy Secretary of Energy Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall and Seoul’s Foreign […]

Korea, U.S. reach agreement on nuclear energy cooperation 한미 원자력협정 타결

After five years of negotiations, Korea and the United States have reached an agreement on updating their nuclear energy cooperation pact. A signing ceremony was held just a few hours ago between Korean chief negotiator Park Ro-byug… and U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Mark Lippert. Under the new deal, Korea can produce low-enriched uranium or […]

S. Korea, U.S. hold first high-level nuclear energy commission meeting

Seoul and Washington held their first high-level committee meeting on nuclear energy in Seoul this Thursday,… as a follow-up to their nuclear energy accord reached last year. Our Kwon Soa has the details. South Korea and the U.S. have expanded their cooperation in the peaceful use of nuclear energy… by vowing to hold regular discussions […]

Apollo 11’s journey to the moon, annotated

You’re looking at one of the most incredible moments in human history. That’s Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, walking on the moon. Okay, maybe you’ve seen this clip before, but think about that for a second: They’re on the moon. A celestial object nearly 240,000 miles into outer space. That distance is like flying all […]