The Future of Crude in the Texas of the North

Crop Circle Theorist Thinks the Truth is Out There

G7 leaders vow to end era of fossil fuels G7, ″금세기에 화석연료 사용 끝내자″…北

And for the top international headlines… we connect now to Paul Yi at the News Center. Paul, let′s start with the G7 summit. Well following their meeting in Germany, the leaders of the most powerful countries have agreed that the world should end its reliance on fossil fuels for energy within this century. That′s a […]

The paradox of efficiency | Edward Tenner

Who doesn’t love efficiency? I do. Efficiency means more for less. More miles per gallon, more light per watt, more words per minute. More for less is the next best thing to something for nothing. Algorithms, big data, the cloud are giving us more for less. Are we heading toward a friction-free utopia or toward […]

Inside Germany’s Most Harmful Energy Source: Brown Coal Blues

Is There A Way To Harness Electricity From Lightning? | Warriors of Stem

There, of course, is some It is a very powerful force. If we can this could be a So I joined the Marines at the age of 18 because I was a person who was really committed to trying to better himself and I heard it was the most challenging. Getting to really learn how […]

Gov’t to fund development of flexible solar cell batteries, smaller fuel cells

The Korean government has chosen two energy-related projects to support in the coming years The Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning unveiled on Sunday a five-year-investment plan for the development of highly efficient flexible solar cell batteries that can be installed on the exterior walls of a building. It’s to be spearheaded by the […]

History of the UAE (الترجمة العربية)

it’s often I think the case that people will look at the Emirates from outside and they’ll think oh it’s desert and sand and camels you know there’s nothing before the oil and when the oil runs out there’ll be nothing left after the oil this is not the case. in the Emirates we do […]