Super Human Endurance Against High Electrical Current

Hi, I like to show you magic where everyone else will perish a man who cannot die with electricity not me someone else this man is called Mohan Simple man from India. He can pass huge amounts of electricity through his body to turn on a lamp or a mixer without a problem Truly there […]

Review of all Electricity and Magnetism Dimensions – AP Physics C

Bo: Hey guys. Billy: Hey Bo. Bobby: Hi Bo. ♫ (lyrics) Flipping Physics ♫ Mr. P.: Ladies and gentle people, the bell has rung, therefore class has begun. Therefore you should be seated in your seat and ready to review electricity and magnetism dimensions, because dimensions are your? Billy, Bobby, Bo: Friends. Mr. P.: That’s […]

DC parallel circuits explained – The basics how parallel circuits work working principle

Hey there guys, Paul here from In this video we going to be looking at parallel circuits to understand how they work and how to calculate them. There’s also some problems at the end of the video, for you to try and solve. So we can connect components of a circuit in either series, […]

Basics of Electricity and Electronics #2 | Resistance and equivalent resistances | Electricity 101

Greetings and welcome to practical ninjas. In this video, we will be learning about resistors. Resistors are passive components that are widely used in electrical and electronic circuits. But what is exactly a resistor or resistance? Resistance as the name suggests is something that opposes flow of current. Resistance of a conductor can be calculated […]

1. Advance Illustration | Current Electricity | Resistance of a Conductor with Varying Cross-Section

here in this illustration, we’ll discuss about the resistance of a conductor with varying cross section. here you can see the figure shows a conductor of length l. and having a cross section which is varying. and, the radius of cross section varies linearly from, radius ay to b. and the resistivity of material given […]

Electric Circuits Part 1 Standard Symbols, Electric Current and Quantity of Electricity

An introduction to electric circuits Standard symbols for electrical components Symbols are used for components and electrical circuit diagram. Some of the more common ones are conductors, fixed resistors, variable resistors, cells, battery of cells, switches, filament lamps, fuses ammeters and voltmeters. Electric current and quantity of electricity All atoms consist of protons, neutrons and […]

How Electricity Works | Understanding Electricity | what is electricity for kids

What is Electricity? Any appliances that we use in our daily lives such as household appliances, office equipments and industrial equipments, almost all of those things take electricity. Therefore, we should understand electricity. The first question that we will find out the answer is “where does electricity come from?” All matters are made up of […]

Electric shock-flood-high volt-static electricity-Why and how to prevent it 2/2

Hi, I am A-Shin. I introduced how electric shocks work in the last episode. And why electrical leakage occurred? In this episode, I will show how we get shocked underwater. How does high voltage hit people? How do static charges electrocute people? Let’s see how people get shocked underwater. Taiwan experiences flooding often When the […]