About HERA

Olá, pessoal! Olá, pessoal! Em nome da PSR, Eu gostaria de dizer que nós estamos muito satisfeitos e honrados por termos sido selecionados como um dos finalistas do prêmio Energy and Innovation Awards 2019 Nos próximos minutos Vocês assistirão a um vídeo que preparamos Sobre o HERA O resultado de anos de trabalho duro que […]

Blue Heart Full Film | The Fight for Europe’s Last Wild Rivers

In the Balkans, the whole river system is under attack. When we see beauty they see money. Rivers have the power to unite. Shouldn’t there be something that we do not destroy? This whole community’s journey in life is tied to the river. There can be no life for me here, once the river turns […]

How Dams Work (Hydro Dams)

Hydro: Power to Make the American Dream Come True (International, circa 1940)

[On Screen: United States Department of the Interior Presents: Hydro: The Story of Columbia River Power Filmed by Bonneville Power Administration Information Division Written by Stephen B. Kahn Photographed by Charles S. Piper – Parris Emery Narrator: Phil Irwin Music by William Lava Orchestrations by Herman Hand Produced and Directed by Gunther V. Fritsch] Narrator: […]

2018 Administrator’s Excellence Awards Photo Contest

2018 Administrator’s Excellence Awards Photo Contest; [Dramatic Music Plays] [On-screen text: Hydropower Flows Here, Honorable Mention; Rafael Kaup, Duty Scheduling (Power)] [On-screen text: Photo by Peter Gardner, Operational Infrastructure (Transmission)] [On-screen text: Sustainability, Honorable Mention; Clinton Carpenter, Real Property Field Services] [On-screen text: Photo by Ron Totorica, Aircraft Services] [On-screen text: Photo by Jake Marti, […]

Lives behind hydropower dams

The local people have chosen the best place to live but now they have been displaced and cannot adapt to their new homes which does not provide sufficient conditions for their livelihoods You cannot set a price on the environmental and social damage caused by hydropower developments. It is easy to know how much money […]

Hydropower Dam – New Media Final v2

There has been a surge in the demand in electricity generation as the world’s energy usage increases. Most of the world’s energy supplies are fulfilled by fossil fuel and coal. Both energy sources need vigorous extraction effort, need transportation of fuel and need to undergo power-intensive refinement processes. All the above also consumes fuel and […]

Clean energy to power us all | Short version 1 (30 s)

-Hydro again. Other than sending me bills, what do they do? -I can tell you! For starters… We supply 8 million Quebecers with energy that’s over 99% green. We develop electric motors for school buses and other vehicles. And we’re using our technology to create the grid of the future, ready for more energy options […]