This Land (2018)

[Wind howling] [Gate screeching] [Birds chirping] [Lighting cigarette] All this, it’s like wood basically. It’s inedible. This right here they can eat. They can eat this and they can eat that. It’s got to be green with some moisture content though. Your soil that’s your, that’s like your your savings account. That’s the supplies right […]

Energy Transfer Partners safely and efficiently delivers the energy that fuels our economy.

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“An Elegant Transition: Leaving Fossil Fuels Behind” by Winona LaDuke

This presentation is brought to you by Arizona State University’s Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability, and a generous investment by Julie Ann Wrigley. I don’t need to give you the lecture on climate change. But this is this moment. And in our prophecies, we talk about this as the Time of the Seventh […]

Standing Rock Sioux Launch Wind & Solar Renewable Energy Projects After Winning Henry Wallace Award

AMY GOODMAN: Chairman Dave Archambault, talk about what it is you’re doing now just a few miles from the Dakota Access pipeline, where the oil is flowing. The fossil fuel industry has succeeded in building that. But what are you now doing at Standing Rock? DAVE ARCHAMBAULT II: We have over 12 communities on Standing […]

From Big Oil to Renewable Energy: 5 Facts in 10 Minutes