Cutting Edge Power at EarthX 2019


Good heavens I’m late again already Rachel won’t forgive me this time. I’m always late for our appointments That’s my biggest flaw and the cause of all of our fights with no real conflict. Oh No, the radiation rates appearing on the monitors are quickly increasing I need to cool down the power plant before […]

Captain Marvel VS Shazam (Marvel VS DC Comics) | DEATH BATTLE!

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Can We Power the World With a Single Energy Grid?

If you look at a map of the US power grid, it looks like a spider web blanketing the entire country. It’s a patchwork that formed after communities that got their power locally were slowly stitched together to create a massive network. So could we scale that up even bigger? Could we connect the entire […]

Solar Power ~ easy for everyone ~ intro SOLAR WORKSTATION # 3

Hey everybody! Welcome to videobreakthru! Today, we’re gonna check out The Solar Powered Work Station! Right here, we’ve just about got full sun, this is 45 watts of power and we’ve made it so it comes thru hull or into the house. right there…pretty easy to do… Let’s go inside and check it out!

4W-Drive Educational Salt & Solar Powered Car

this is my new car I found it last week in a DIY store this little car has got the zero mechanical parts but most interesting one is the power system it comes with a little 1.5 volt battery that gets charged only by adding a little salt with the water the gearbox is designed […]

Solar Power, panels, charge regulator controller, battery…

Epic fail! I should have said two hours, not half an hour!

Brazil and California: Partners on Renewable Energy Grid Integration

PAUL GHIOTTO: [SPEAKING PORTUGUESE] This is Paul Ghiotto from the U.S. Embassy Brasilia Brazil. I Have the pleasure today to begin our web chat with Angelina Galiteva of the California Independent Systems Operator Board as well as Renewables 100. This web chat is hopefully the first of a series of web chats with renewable energy […]

Electronic Basics #31: Schottky Diode & Zener Diode

As you might know the common diode is a very useful electrical component. By applying a positive voltage to its anode and a negative voltage to its cathode, current will flow through it and simultaneously create the characteristic forward voltage drop across the diode which is always mentioned in the datasheet. But if we reverse […]