US Department Of Energy Rebrands Fossil Fuels As “Freedom Gas”

The US Department of Energy is trying to sell more fossil fuels across the globe and they’ve come up with a jaw dropping idea to get the American public on board. Take it from there. It’s a crazy story. You know, it’s, it’s kind of what corporations do. When oh, corporates says let’s rebrand, so […]

The Check In: Rick Perry and the Department of Energy

-Many of President Trump’s nominees to top government positions have been questionable, but perhaps none more so than his choice to head the Department of Energy, Rick Perry, who once wanted to abolish the very agency he’s now leading. So we decided to take a break from the breaking news of the day and see […]

The Big Impact

You will have a way that allows you to be treated and minimize the side-effects… you get with current chemotherapy. This is offering a better way to treat cancer. The goal is to rapidly demonstrate application of advanced manufacturing… and combine it with advances in materials and computational sciences to build and test a nuclear […]

22. Past and Future of Nuclear Power

So today, I want to explore the problem that we face, which is much more than a dilemma, it’s a quad-lemma in a way, or a quint-lemma of how we manage our future energy demands and how we invest our resources in alternative forms of energy. And I’m going to spend most of this session […]

The Area: A Journey through the Hanford Nuclear Reservation

My name is Cameron and I am a new employee at the Hanford Site for the Department of Energy. I recently graduated college from Utah State University. I’ve got a videographer along with me to go through a ride of discovery and understanding what Hanford is through several different perspectives. Do you have any childhood […]

PUR-1: First US Nuclear Reactor with All Digital Instrumentation and Control System

Energy Talks – Nuclear Energy – The Global State of Play

It is remarkable and it’s inspiring to think that we really do have an opportunity to have impact in really affect and change the world. So, with that the first half of my career at DOE I worked in the nuclear non-proliferation warhead security and related areas international non-proliferation, foreign intel, even nuclear security oversight. […]

Energy 101 | Algae-to-Fuels

We all need fuel to get around. And as America takes steps to improve our energy security, homegrown fuel sources are more important than ever. The Energy Department is researching one of the fuel sources of the future found here: in algae. Have a look at this algae farm. These large, man-made ponds are called […]

Trump Announces Dan Brouillette As The Next Energy Secretary Nominee | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC