Opportunity In The Desert

The desert hot springs property is 9.55 acres. We have plans to build two 67,000 square foot greenhouses comprising of 60,000 – 80,000 square feet of canopy in flower based on the time of the year. Included in that will be a 40,000 square foot multipurpose building that will allow us to do manufacturing and […]

A Solar-Powered Step In The Fight Against Water Scarcity | Joe’s Big Idea | NPR

I grew up in Southern California, where I was exposed to severe droughts at an early age. Water is so essential in our daily lives. But there are places where there just isn’t the infrastructure. In fact, 844 million people lack easy access to safe drinking water. Access to water should be a right for […]

The BIGGEST Concentrated Solar Plant in the World is in Africa I Morocco

Africa and in particular, North Africa has tremendous potential for solar generation. Imagine a solar plant the size of 3500 football pitches.. Well this is not fiction, it is reality. This is Morocco, the home of the largest concentrated solar plant in the World, the Noor Solar Power Station The solar plant sits on over […]

Lightbulbs in the Desert (Powering the Planet)

Narrator: Planet Earth is awash in renewable energy. The oceans store heat and offer wave and tidal power. Plants harvest sunlight and store its energy. The Sun warms the atmosphere and sets air in motion, and we’re getting better at tapping wind power. But the biggest and most promising energy source is the nearby star […]

Sustainable technology in the Israeli desert

If you think that the desert is just camels and dunes, think again. The desert is a place where we can and we must grow food sustainably. Drylands cover over 40% of the earth and are home to over 2.2 billion people. Given climate change, those numbers are likely to grow. Here, at Ben Gurion […]

Desert Solar Power for US / Europe. Transmission over long distances. Energy keynote speaker

Generation, yes we can talk about wind turbines. We can talk about solar energy. You know, one of the most exciting things abouts the new technology coming is that we have the ability to take power up to 4 thousand kilometres from where it was made, to where it will be consumed. This is new. […]

Agar sahara registan ko solar plant se cover krte hai to kya hoga ? | Sahara desert

The world exhausted with fossils fuel, solar power can provide a solution for sustainable power energy problems. But they also come with couple of issues. Solar panel are massive. cover the more land Can we set up in world largest desert Sahara ? let’s know what if cover Sahara desert with solar panel This is […]

Solar Energy

The sun was humankind’s first source of power, and, with a little work, may be the last one we’ll ever need. A good desert collects more solar energy in six hours than the entire world uses in a year. The surface area of my body is about, uh, a meter and a half squared. If […]