Solar Design – Renewable

This is Beth and Julia. They turn sunlight into television, and cold fridges, and internet videos. Beth and Julia are designers with solar companies. Before the installers ever arrive, they’re responsible for designing a system that will turn sunlight into usable energy. But before all of this, they had to figure out how to train […]

Why isn’t the Netherlands underwater? – Stefan Al

In January of 1953, a tidal surge shook the North Sea. The titanic waves flooded the Dutch coastline, killing almost 2,000 people. 54 years later, a similar storm threatened the region. But this time, the Netherlands were ready. As the water swelled, state-of-the-art computer sensors activated emergency protocols. Over the next 30 minutes, a pair […]

Meet the Autonomous Insect Robots That Will One Day Swarm the Skies

It has wings, a “brain,” and is the world’s first insect-sized drone able to wirelessly take flight. It’s RoboFly: a member of an entirely new class of flying robots. And its specialties aren’t limited to the sky: it can navigate obstacles on land and in the water, too. The team behind this latest innovation is […]

10 Fastest Electric Skateboards with Dangerous Speed (45 MPH)

Giving credit where credits due, Boosted Boards really kickstarted an entire category of viable electric vehicles, primarily because of improved battery technology, electric skateboards went from pipe dream to your city, zipping by with that characteristic mmmp. They’re everywhere. Your standard electric board maxes our around 20 mph, but a new generation of high performance […]

Electronics Tutorial #1 – Electricity – Voltage, Current, Power, AC and DC

hello everyone and welcome to this tutorial we’re going to start getting to the basics of electronics now for this first video what we’re going to do gonna and have try and have a basic understanding of electricity and how electricity works and the basic components of electricity now i’m going to start off with […]

Electric Mercedes – 5 BEST Features!

Tevva SOLIDWORKS Success Story Video (eTruck, Clean Air Technology, Electric Vehicles)

Tevva was founded principally to develop and engineer eTrucks and associated technologies to deliver clean air urban transport. It’s certainly the future, eTrucking for clean air… There’s legislation now worldwide to reduce emissions of trucks. Tevva is one of the leaders of eTruck technology. We have a team of seven highly-experienced SOLIDWORKS designers and engineers. […]

Switzerland | A Documentary by Stromer & The New Wheel Electric Bikes

♪ [music] ♪ – [Karen] No, find taxi, locate a taxi so we get all this shit… – [Brett] Why don’t we just move out like… – No – You don’t want to go to the street? ♪ [music] ♪ – Hi, My name is Karen Wiener, I’m here with Ida, and we are in […]

Fashion has a pollution problem — can biology fix it? | Natsai Audrey Chieza

You’re watching the life cycle of a Streptomyces coelicolor. It’s a strain of bacteria that’s found in the soil where it lives in a community with other organisms, decomposing organic matter. Coelicolor is a beautiful organism. A powerhouse for synthesizing organic chemical compounds. It produces an antibiotic called actinorhodin, which ranges in color from blue […]