How ELECTRICITY works – working principle

hey there guys Paul here from the engineering mindset dot com in this video we are going to be looking at how electricity works now this is pretty essential knowledge for any engineer so we’ll run through the basic parts of what you need to know so let’s start at the very basics and for […]

Colorado Experience: Hydro Power

MAN: The cost of fuel was outstripping any kind of profit that they could get from their mine. WOMAN: At that time, the power source — coal — bringing that in to power the power plant was becoming impossible. MAN: Mine owners were constantly losing money trying to bring new and more powerful sources of […]

What Is a Power Plant?

Today, we’re going to look at what a Power Plant is, different types, and why automation is important in the Power Plant business. Here at RealPars, we love making videos that help you to discover new and exciting topics, so if you enjoy viewing this video as much as we enjoyed making it, click the […]

Outdoor aquaponics with solar power

Hi! I’m going to demonstrate the aquaponics system that just got moved outside. The previous video shows it in the basement, and this is the same setup, just outdoors. So we’ll start out with the power source. Instead of using wall current like I was using in the basement, I’m using a solar charged battery. […]

How Three Phase Electricity works – The basics explained

hey there guys Paul here from the engineering mindset .com in this video we’re going to be looking at Three phase electricity and this follows on from our series on Electrical Engineering so if you haven’t watched the previous videos on this so far then please do this first links are in the video description […]

How to Install Off grid Solar DC System with Panel, DC load and Battery

Su-Kam solar DC home lighting system. This is a system that utilizes solar power to charge your batteries. You can install this system in the areas where frequent power cuts is a problem or where electricity is not at all available. After installing this system, you can solve your electricity problems. There are two chargers […]

How Solar DC System Works with DC Lights, Fan, Panel, TV and Battery

Solar power is a free source of energy. You can use this free and unlimited energy source to run the load in your house and can also charge batteries. The electricity that you were using for both these work, you can save money on that. To use solar power, you need to install solar power […]