STATIC BALLOON – ENGLISH – Fun Experiment with Static Electricity!

this experiment is best done on a dry cold day, not on a moist day. take a balloon and inflate it and tie a knot. now if you bring it near your head, it does not attract the hair at all. now you rub the balloon on your head and knock off some of the […]

STATIC CHARGE BENDS WATER – ENGLISH – Power of Static Electricity!

to do this wonderful experiment of static electricity you require a comb, a plastic scale, balloon , wool and a bottle full of water. now make a hole near the base with a needle and a thin stream of water will gush forth. now electrically charge a comb by rubbing it on wool and when […]

U.S. Nuclear Missiles Are Still Controlled By Floppy Disks

This is a Minuteman 3 Missile, capable of carrying up to three thermonuclear warheads. They range from 3-5 hundred kilotons. That’s more powerful than 6 hundred million pounds of dynamite. And this is a cutting edge computer from the early 1990s. And is used as the system processor to launch the Minuteman 3 Intercontinental ballistic […]

Electricity, its sources, renewable and non renewable.Science for kids.

Hello Everyone, Today we are going to talk about electricity. Stop for a moment and look around. You will surely see electricity in action. From the cable charging your computer, to the bulbs lighting up your room, to the kettle that heated your hot chocolate: Electricity is a key part of our lives. However, it […]

SOLAR FAN – MALAYALAM – Fun with Solar Energy!

today germany produces one third of its entire energy using solar and wind. so lets explore how the solar fan works. this is the solar propeller and this is a small toy motor and now you affix this plastic fan to the axle of the motor. there are two leads coming out of this toy […]