Global Divestment Day 2015

Hundreds of demonstrators have rallied to pressure australia’s major banks “The time for investing in fossil fuels is over…” Today’s demonstration is one of hundreds taking place across the world as part of global divestment day, a movement that’s gained significant momentum over the past 2 years It’s been the fastest growing divestment campaign in […]

What is fossil fuel divestment and why does it matter? | Keep it in the ground

There’s this campaign going on, mainly in the US at the moment, and it’s a new way into the whole climate debate that is a bit different from, you know, change your lightbulbs. Divestment is a very simple idea. You just take your money away from companies that are involved in extracting fossil fuels. You […]

Why divest from fossil fuels?

[What if the story you’ve been told about climate change is wrong?] For years we’ve been told that climate change is this huge problem with a simple solution: change a lightbulb, drive less. I think common sense told us it was going to take a lot more than that. We were set up to think […]


Did you know that your teachers have six billion dollars invested in fossil fuels and most of them don’t even know it. So this fall, your teacher has homework. They need to watch this video and then go tell CalSTRS to divest their pension from fossil fuels. CalSTRS is investing our pensions in fossil fuels […]

100% Clean Energy by 2035 (can we do it?)

At their meeting on May 21, the Mayor and Commission committed to achieving 100% renewable energy by 2035. Is that even possible? What will it mean for our community…. and the world? Well, to be honest it might not mean anything. This resolution is non-binding, and Athens had already set a goal to increase renewable […]