Hello YouTubers, you are welcome to another of my YouTube video, today’s video is all about showing you how I upgraded my solar setup, I have now a 200AH deep cycle battery and am gonna be showing you how I hooked it up, to my Inverter, Charge Controller and Solar Panel As you can see […]

Solar Power Myths: Solar panels will give me backup power

Hi, this is Amy from the altE Store. Well, I’m sure you’ve noticed there’s a whole lot of wrong information about solar power out here on the internet. So we are doing a whole series of solar myth busting for you. You can see more in our playlist here. For example. Solar panels will provide […]

IronRidge UFO Clamps – Solar Mounting and Racking

Hi, this is Amy from the altE Store. I wanted to show you the new clamping system from IronRidge. It’s the UFO, the Universal Fastening Object. Now it’s really nice, very very versatile. The same clamp can be used from 30mm to 48mm solar panel frames. So that gives you a nice wide range. Most […]

Portable Wind Turbine Generator and Solar Battery Box 1200W / 2400W & Pure Sine Inverter, Made in US

hey guys this is Baba cutting-edge power I just wanted to show you all our our biggest battery box that we have right now this one works with wind and solar so you can see the three three-phase wind turbine inputs here it also has our wind turbine break you can see so when you’re […]

Simple solar panel setup to power a trolling motor

Hi everybody, it’s Steve. I want to show you real quick the solar setup I’ve got here on the pontoon. I was tired of bringing down shore power and a battery charger every time I wanted to charge the twelve volt battery, the marine battery, I use for the trolling motor. So I came up […]



DIY Custom Off The Grid Solar Electric System Build

(mellow hip hop music) – [Joshua] All right, everyone. We are doing the layout for the solar electric panels. I also dug the trench for the underground conduit, coming from each string. This is kinda where everything’s gonna get tapered into the building here. This is what we’re gonna be doing. We’re gonna be getting […]

Solar Energy Kits For Home Power Production

Hello Friends, Today our topic of discussion is “Solar Energy Kits For Home Power Production” First of all I would request you all to Like, Share and subscribe this Channel to get more tips and tricks about Solar Energy, solar panels and solar power plants in India. Why one should use solar energy kits for […]

Solar Power Myths: Should I wait for the newest coolest technology?

Hi, this is Amy from the altE Store. I’m sure you’ve seen there’s a lot of wrong information out here on the internet about solar power. So we are doing a whole series of solar myth busting for you. You can see more in our playlist here. Myth: The next new solar panel technology will […]