Biling ­čî×Solar ­čĺíLights ­čĆ×Outdoor, ­čî╗Garden, Pathway (DISCOUNT CODES IN DESCRIPTION BOX)

hi everybody today I’m going to be doing a review and some solar disk lights that I got from my walkway from Amazon so let’s get started going to be in a box like this and when you open it up it will have bubble wrap on it and some stakes on there that you […]

They Live in a Skoolie w/ 5 Pets? Amazing Off-Grid Bus Home

Hi guys. Jenna here, and this is my dog Selise and I had to bribe her to do this video. So I adopted Selise when she was a puppy and I was building this tiny house. So she really hasn’t known much else besides living in a small space and she gets excited every time […]

How I Built DIY Camper Van for $6000 / Smart Ideas for Conversion!

How to Make Mini Versions of my Message in a Bottle and Vortex Paperweights from Epoxy or UV Resin

Here we go again! Mix a little sand with some pre-mixed epoxy resin Just enough so the sand can smooth itself out Drop a little sand mixture into the centre of a 30mm cube mould Over one year later and I still get comments saying I should have covered the entire base in sand… Which […]

Solar Soil Moisture Meter // Becky Stern

Hi, it’s Becky. Today we’re making a solar powered soil moisture monitor. It uses an ESP8266 wifi microcontroller running some low power Arduino code, and everything’s waterproof so it can be left outside. Let’s get started. You’ll need a solar battery charging board and ESP8266 breakout such as the NodeMCU or Huzzah, as well as […]

Self Built Van Tour: Stealth High-Tech | Custom Ebikes, Shower, Office

Solar USB Charger // Becky Stern

Hey, it’s Becky Stern here. Today we’re making a solar charging USB backup battery. This simple soldering project will charge your phone or tablet, perfect for camping or the next time the power goes out. Let’s get started. You’ll need a solar battery charging board and powerboost, both from adafruit, as well as a battery, […]

November Stove-Ember! More Winter Camping in an A-Frame

what’s a little bit windy a little bit cold but guess what it’s winter well anybody with a fear of bears probably wouldn’t be happy to see that because even though it’s wintertime or it’s at least late fall bears aren’t always hibernating this is a big one and a hungry one so I still […]

Camper van DIY Conversion Q&A (Heater, Toilet, Electrical, Parking, Humidity, Safety)

Hey guys welcome to emerging alternatives Today we’re going to do a massive Q&A with all the questions that you guys asked me in the comments And I’ll try to be as descriptive as I can there’s going to be some short questions Which I will answer directly at the beginning, and then we’ll move […]