Microwave Turntable Motor: DC to AC Generator. DC Motor to AC Electricity Generation

Generador DC a AC Motor DVD y Motor de Microondas Motor DC con 6V rotando iman de motor de microondas Dale Like, Comparte Subscribete Se Felíz


– Jeez! Quite a toy! What did you make the gallows for? – Never show a fool a half-done job! – Chief, do you understand anything on this drawing? – I don’t, do you? – Well, I think the main component of this flying saucer is these creatures: “Doc” and “Chief” …

Aquarium Air Pump WITHOUT ELECTRICITY | Life hack: How to make an aquarium air pump out of bottles

Aquarium Air Pump without Electricity 2 Bottles, Air Tube 1 Tee Tube Connector 2 Adjustable Air Flow Switch More videos Subscribe to the channel

Cheap Glass Greenhouse

Have you ever dream of a greenhouse with all glass? An online order would cost a few tens of thousand dollars plus tax and shipping. Moreover, we might have to hire a professional service or handyman to build it. After many years of planning to have one, I finally built it with a few hundred […]

Heating food with electricity only

In this video, I’ll demonstrate how to reheat food in minutes by using electricity. To do so, we will only need a fork and an old electric wire. Let’s begin with some noodles! We will wrap the wires around the fork and spoon. Now, we will put both into the bowl in such a way, […]

How to Produce Electricity using Tomato and Potato

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STATIC BALLOON – ENGLISH – Fun Experiment with Static Electricity!

this experiment is best done on a dry cold day, not on a moist day. take a balloon and inflate it and tie a knot. now if you bring it near your head, it does not attract the hair at all. now you rub the balloon on your head and knock off some of the […]

Simply Make Your Own Electricity

A study at nature.com says it would be conceivable to power all of the world’s energy needs from wind. There’s a lot of wind going to waste out there. Could buy a wind turbine. These were once common for pumping water. Each of these units power hundreds of homes. [Wildhorse Wind Farm, Washington State] Imagine […]

STATIC CHARGE BENDS WATER – ENGLISH – Power of Static Electricity!

to do this wonderful experiment of static electricity you require a comb, a plastic scale, balloon , wool and a bottle full of water. now make a hole near the base with a needle and a thin stream of water will gush forth. now electrically charge a comb by rubbing it on wool and when […]

How To Cut Your Electric Bill In Half Free Ideas part 3 Clothes Dryer | Missouri Wind and Solar

Hi everybody, I’m Jeff and I want to show you how to make your own dryer lint bucket to help heat your home with your clothes dryer. This is not for gas clothes dryers, this is for electric clothes dryers only. You can’t pump the exhaust from a gas dryer into your house, it’d create […]