North Korea – All the dictator’s men | DW Documentary

this is a country where the war never ended [Music] every morning at exactly 6:00 a.m. loudspeakers across North Korea sound a morning wake-up call featuring the same melody every day a melody familiar from a revolutionary opera it tells the story of a young nurse at the front who has dedicated her life to […]

The Earth is Not Alone – Space Documentary HD

The earth is not alone in the last few years Scientists have found that our planet is just one of billions out there in the Milky Way galaxy There’s a really decent chance that there are more planets in the galaxy than there actually are stars We’re now scouring these planets for evidence of atmospheres […]

Climate change: Europe’s melting glaciers | DW Documentary

the spectacular Alps dazzling ice against a brilliant blue sky Danny Arnold and his friend are extreme Mountaineers here on a quest for the ultimate thrill they’re climbing the pits Pulu a nearly 4000 meter peak you position your ice axe you hear the tension cracks and hisses when it breaks up the ice blocks […]