The Helicopter Accident That Changed New York

Imagine commuting 1,000 feet above traffic. 50 years ago, during the golden age of helicopter travel, you could. Until a tragic accident in 1977 brought that era to a close. But with new technology on the horizon, a new age of airborne commuting could be just around the corner. Ever since the first skyscrapers shot […]

The Journey of Electrical Energy

Who of us hasn’t left the TV on, even though we are not watching? Who hasn’t left the lights on, even though we are not in the room? Nowadays, electric power is regarded as a common commodity. Just as the sun rises every day, we believe that electricity simply is there. Electricity appears to be […]

Pluto 101 | National Geographic

– [Instructor] At the edge of the solar system Pluto pushes the boundaries of our understanding of the universe. Nestled within the far flung Kuiper belt the dwarf planet is believed to be one of the countless celestial objects left over from the formation of the solar system. While it is one of the Kuiper […]

Is it Wrong to Fly? – Glad You Asked S1

This is me in China in 1996, on a trip to see where my family came from.That trip was the first time that I rode in an airplane,and the first time that I got stuck in an airport.We’ve been waiting here for 9 hours now! Air travel is one of the great privileges of living […]

2040 – Official Trailer

– My name is Damon, and this is my daughter, Velvet. Her major concern right now is the elusive art of sleep direction. But soon, she’ll have to face a rapidly deteriorating environment. – The ice sheet is now melting faster than the scientists predicted. – I think there’s room for a different story, a […]

Hell bound up the Congo River on a shanty boat

The ‘Gbemani’ and a captain are fighting against the strong current. After a week, they’ve made only three hundred and ten miles. The journey is turning into a long, tedious nightmare. But the delays create good business for Marie, an unemployed nurse,. A combination of the weather, worsening sanitary conditions are starting to make people […]

This Indestructible NASA Camera Revealed Hidden Patterns on Jupiter

Here’s this planet with all these incredible storms going on. It’s that awe when you’re confronted with something that’s completely natural, no human had any hand in it. I think it gives you a sense of the power of nature. One of the most resourceful digital cameras to ever travel beyond Earth is capturing hidden […]

DAVID PAULIDES reveals all about MISSING 411: THE HUNTED | Edge of Wonder! [Part 2/2]

It started with five missing children in 2016 Now three years later we follow the trails of missing hunters This Halloween we bring you something truly special haunting true stories of the unexplainable based on the book which documents 185 cases of missing people from four countries The information from this former police detective now […]

Under Pressure: 2019 Senior Energy Documentary

On September 13, 2018, panicked community members in eastern Massachusetts called 9-1-1 reporting fires and explosions in their homes and businesses. After investigating the incident, the National Transportation Safety Board concluded that the natural gas system provided by Columbia Gas, which connects hundreds of buildings, had been over pressurized. resulting in damage to over 480 […]

Flash Crash 2010 | VPRO documentary | 2011