Greenpeace fly Superman drone into French nuclear power plant – 247 news

Greenpeace has crashed a Superman-shaped drone into a French nuclear plant to show its vulnerability to outside attacks, campaigners said The environmental group has deliberately flown the drone – piloted by one of its activists – into the no-fly zone around utility EDF’s Bugey nuclear plant, near Lyon, and then crashed it against the wall […]

Дрон в реакторной АЭС!

Great view opens here Hi guys! Here is DroneAdventures And I am at the roof of Crimea nuclear power station it is one of the most expensive unfinished buildings of the world It was near 80% done but Chernobyl catastrophe happened then there was few incidents then building freezed Now it looks like this It […]

France investigates mystery drone activity over nuclear plants

France has launched an investigation after mysterious drones were spotted flying over some of the country’s nuclear power stations. EDF, the state own utility company which operates the nuclear plants said the unidentified drones flew over seven power stations between October 5th and 20th. The energy firm said the drones did not have an impact […]

Hacking Hydro Power on a Remote Scottish Island

My name is John, I’m a postman, and I run on hydro power. My previous knowledge of hydro was just big huge hydro electric schemes they had all over the highlands Small scale hydro it was all new to me, and that’s the way i went and I never regretted it. Yes, when I took […]

Inspection of underwater structures at the Opera in Oslo | Blueye Pioneer underwater drone

One should think that this Opera terrace is connected to ground, but a large part of the opera is actually above water. Where there is water there can be corrosion even in concrete structures That’s why we have cathodic protection we have installed panels on the sea bed in order to prevent a corrosion of […]

NASA’s Nuclear Drone Will Search For Life on Titan

Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, is thought to have seas of methane with a landscape and atmosphere functioning much similar to our own. Which is why NASA is developing a nuclear-powered rotorcraft-lander, deemed Dragonfly, to send to Titan’s surface. This car-sized drone will investigate the organic-rich terrain like never before, revealing whether or not this moon […]

The Future of Airplanes

These are the technological developments that will allow us to move ourselves and our cargo cheaper, greener, and faster, through the air, going forward. This is the future of flight. With the first all-electric twin-engine, self-powered aircraft successfully crossing the English Channel this month, and the ongoing effort of the Solar Impulse team to become […]