France investigates mystery drone activity over nuclear plants

France has launched an investigation after mysterious drones were spotted flying over some of the country’s nuclear power stations. EDF, the state own utility company which operates the nuclear plants said the unidentified drones flew over seven power stations between October 5th and 20th. The energy firm said the drones did not have an impact […]

Accelerating a greener energy future with the help of AutoML

NASA’s Nuclear Drone Will Search For Life on Titan

Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, is thought to have seas of methane with a landscape and atmosphere functioning much similar to our own. Which is why NASA is developing a nuclear-powered rotorcraft-lander, deemed Dragonfly, to send to Titan’s surface. This car-sized drone will investigate the organic-rich terrain like never before, revealing whether or not this moon […]

Conducting a Solar Panel Inspection with an eBee Drone

So here you have the solar installation of Migros Vaud, which is one megawatt in capacity, Roughly 4000 solar panels. It was built a few years back, And this project was a result of a partnership between Migros Vaud and Romande Energie. So the idea today is to do a drone test thermos-mapping of the […]