What is the Duck Curve?

Today we are going to talk about the grid and a duck. An odd combination, but they actually do go together. This graph shows the hourly electric load on a spring day in California It’s the lowest at night when people are asleep. It starts rising as people wake up and peaks around noon, then […]

Solar Power has a big challenge

Renewable energy sources are getting cheaper by the day and in some cases are the cheapest methods for producing electricity. But there’s a major downside that needs to get solved before renewables can really take over. That’s how to distribute power evenly over time, so things like weather and peak demand aren’t problems. This are […]

The ‘duck curve’ is solar energy’s greatest challenge

When you flip a light switch, you expect it to work right? All of your appliances work, because your power company has electricity ready to transmit. For a lot of customers. And utility companies have gotten really good at anticipating that demand. But a rise in solar energy production is making their jobs a bit […]