NC Leadership Forum – Electricity Need

In this neighborhood, there are a lot of changes going on. People that can afford it, it seems like they’re pushing out the people that can’t afford to stay in this neighborhood. It’s a lot of frustration, especially when you’re living in poverty. It’s a lot of frustration, because you don’t have a lot of […]

Capitalizing on Resource Productivity & Investment Opportunities – Scott Jacobs, Generate Capital

(applause) – So you guys heard that I worked at McKinsey and you probably are expecting a bunch of slides, but I’m not going to kill you by PowerPoint, I promise. I may kill you because of my voice being difficult today, I’m suffering from a little bit of a cold so bear with me. […]

Solar Powered Classroom

We live in the fossil fuel age right now but eventually we will need a new way to make electricity. There is some magic to solar power. My name’s Aaron. I’m a fourth grade teacher at Central Park School for Children in Durham, NC. My whole goal as a teacher is to develop problem solvers. […]

EDGE Chats: Bryan Christiansen, Chief Operating Officer, Vivint Solar

– The trends that are going to have the biggest impact on solar in the short term, there are at least two. Number one is the political environment that we’re in. That will definitely have an impact, but that said, the thing that will have the largest impact will be consumer preference and consumer choice. […]

Duke University Energy Conference 2017 – Panel: Renewable Energy

– I hope everyone enjoyed lunch. My name is Paige Swofford, I’m a third year, dual degree student here at Duke. And one of the co-presidents of the MBA Energy Club. And I’m really excited to introduce our next panel. We have some wonderful speakers here with us. Immediately to my left is Zoe Gamble […]