North Korea – All the dictator’s men | DW Documentary

this is a country where the war never ended [Music] every morning at exactly 6:00 a.m. loudspeakers across North Korea sound a morning wake-up call featuring the same melody every day a melody familiar from a revolutionary opera it tells the story of a young nurse at the front who has dedicated her life to […]

Energy hunger, blackouts and energy providers (1/2) | DW Documentary

some seven point six billion people live on earth and a thousand more are born every hour most of us consume electricity around the clock [Music] I have this vision of an all-electric world where no one uses oil or gas to heat their homes only electricity that’s generated from renewable sources it’s estimated that […]

Climate change: Europe’s melting glaciers | DW Documentary

the spectacular Alps dazzling ice against a brilliant blue sky Danny Arnold and his friend are extreme Mountaineers here on a quest for the ultimate thrill they’re climbing the pits Pulu a nearly 4000 meter peak you position your ice axe you hear the tension cracks and hisses when it breaks up the ice blocks […]