Jörg Grotendorst on ZF’s and Wolong Electric’s Joint Venture

In this joint venture, we are going to produce fully electric motors for hybrid drivetrain application, which we are going to integrate into our latest generation of transmissions and electric drivetrain components for all fully electric battery drivetrains. We start with a component for an electric drivetrain, which we serve already in production nowadays and […]

Volvo CE | Emobility | ECR25 Electric | L25 Electric

We live in a fragile world, and it’s time to lend it a helping hand. Not just talk and make a lot of noise. It’s time to change the way things are done. At Volvo Construction Equipment, we know that superior performance can be delivered without exhaust fumes, without unpleasant vibrations and without noise pollution. […]

Volvo CE Electric Machine Launch | Add Silence | Emobility

We are made to listen for sounds. We instantly and unconsciously connect sounds with emotions: pleasure, joy, annoyance, fear. Throughout history, our survival has depended on our ability to hear sounds. Then came noise. And survival took on a different meaning. Because we don’t need noise to survive. In fact, we need less of it. […]

Mercedes-Benz Concept EQ: Electric Intelligence | SXSW 2018

I love the silence of it. A car is a very, very emotional product. I can’t wait. Experiencing something which is not on the market yet… It’s a different world. It doesn’t feel like driving is the right word for it. Seamless. Efficient. Beautiful. It’s just so clean. It’s like minimal. It’s like Macintosh. Has […]

Opel Goes Electric: #BreakTheBubble! #IAA19

Generate your own solar power and use it effectively

[Music] This is the house where the Reinhardt family lives. Since 2013, they have been operating their own PV system, because they are real fans of solar power. It runs in the family. We first opted for a PV system back in 2004 that we installed on a larger roof space, and we saw that […]

goSono – rideSharing With the Sion | Sono Motors

did you know that ride sharing is a cheap alternative to transports like trains and airplanes yes it really is by using the sono app you can easily alpha travel us a ride with your sign the integrated ride-sharing feature makes it possible to lose cost and emission just enter the location your right will […]

Meet the Sion – An Electric Car for Everyone | Sono Motors

one year ago we promised you a solar car like us sixteen thousand euro and has a range of 250 kilometres and guess what we made it [Music] but why did we build a sign humanity burned 61% of the world’s oil resources only for transportation we were sick of being part of this problem […]