Solar Powered House Case History

Case History: Solar Power The SML House – so called because it is a flexible, modular design that can be built in Small, Medium or Large configurations was the entry of the Cardinal Herrera University, Valencia, in the Solar Decathlon competition. The Solar Decathlon Europe is a solar power competition for houses that are self-sufficient […]

Solar Movies – Solar Home Designs on Different Budgets

In the last 1980s, after designing and analysing and promoting solar housing for about 12 years at the time, we decided to be involved in a solar movie that was put together by a TV station to explain what solar design was in the housing sector. We had developed the solar energy information centre that […]

Glass Dome Eco House In The Arctic Circle

INGRID HJERTEFOLGER: When I look back at our creation now, I get a deep sense of gratitude and joy. INGRID HJERTEFOLGER: We were inspired by the hundreds of natural buildings around the world. It’s in our own and everybody else’s interest to protect, support and love the planet that sustains us. COMM: As part of […]