What is economic value, and who creates it? | Mariana Mazzucato

Value creation. Wealth creation. These are really powerful words. Maybe you think of finance, you think of innovation, you think of creativity. But who are the value creators? If we use that word, we must be implying that some people aren’t creating value. Who are they? The couch potatoes? The value extractors? The value destroyers? […]

Environmental Econ: Crash Course Economics #22

Adriene: Welcome to Crash Course Economics. I’m Adriene Hill Jacob: And I’m Jacob Clifford. Economics is about choices, and how we use our scarce resources. It’s not just about producing and consuming, it can also be about conserving. Adriene: Maybe counterintuitively, economics has a lot to add to discussions of how we can balance our […]

People, Power & Prosperity – Life Without Electricity

Hamma Ait M’Rim is 66-years-old. Hamma tends the goats and sheep that feed on grains, seeds and dry grasses. Six of his children live at home with Hamma and his wife, Rikia. The family pulls together; everybody contributes to the work that has to be done. Every day, Rikia pounds and grinds the pits of […]

‘Hey Bill Nye, Is There a Conspiracy to Cover Up Agricultural Climate Change?’ #TuesdaysWithBill

Batman: Hello Bill. I’m Batman and I’m a big fan. My question to you is why isn’t the agricultural sector especially with the cows being addressed with global warming with as much media attention as oil companies seeing as it is actually the biggest factor affecting global warming. At this day and age do you […]

Milton Friedman Speaks: The Energy Crisis: A Humane Solution (B1233) – Full Video

Music Reality – captured in user friendly symbols and processed for understanding. Music The Idea Channel Professor Friedman’s subject today is “The Energy Crisis: A Humane Solution. (applause) I want to start this talk on energy by reading to you a quotation of something that was written some time ago by an eminent expert on […]

The Energy Internet Explained, with Jeremy Rifkin

Well, we’re all familiar with the first Internet, the communication Internet. We’ve been on it for 24/25 years most of us. We use the Internet all the time to communicate and send information. The energy Internet is very, very new. It’s now actually being built out in places like Germany, in Denmark and across Europe […]

Why Is America So Rich?

The United States is the world’s most prosperous economy. It’s been that way for so long — over a hundred years — that we take it for granted. But how did it happen? There are many answers, of course. One is that the United States values the free market over government control of the economy. […]

🔴 How Climate Change Affects Corn & Soybean Prices (w/ Shawn Hackett)

JAKE MERL: Welcome to Trade Ideas. I’m Jake Merl, sitting down with Shawn Hackett, President of Hackett Financial Advisors. Shawn, great to have you back on the show. SHAWN HACKETT: It’s always good to be here. JAKE MERL: Let’s get right into it. What are we talking about today? SHAWN HACKETT: We’re talking about a […]

Rethinking consumption: Measuring success through well-being and happiness

So, thank you for having me, thanks, Mike, for the introduction, Elder Whiskeyjack and Councillors. I’m gonna rip through seven minutes of shock and awe, hopefully inspiring some new thinking. As Michael said, as Mike said, I just returned from Seoul, Korea where I was invited by the mayor of Seoul and several distinguished philosophers […]