This Texan cattle rancher is turning to wind power | Pioneers For Our Planet

Somebody asked me ‘what does a wind generator sound like?’ and I said, ‘It sounds like money to me’. I’m a conservative Republican and… I absolutely love the environment I love renewable energy. Texas is still the wild west of wind. You can come out here as an entrepreneur or big company stake out a […]

How to fuel the future | The Economist

Oil moves the world around and creates powerful countries. Oil is such a vital commodity that it provoked wars throughout the 20th century. The few countries that produce it try to keep control of it to ensure its riches stay at home. Those who do not have it, strive to get it. In the 1930s, […]

This organisation is removing dams and restoring rivers to their natural state

I don’t think we grow up understanding and even knowing what a healthy river is supposed to look like We’ve channelled and diverted and dammed our rivers so many times in so many ways the definition of a river is that it flows. When you think about all the things that healthy rivers give us, […]

Why China has become the world leader in renewable energy

중국은 세계 최대 온실가스 배출국 중국의 물, 공기, 토양은 심각하게 오염된 상태 “알야야 할 것들” 중국은 어떻게 청정 에너지 분야의 글로벌 리더가 됐을까? 중국의 급격한 산업화는 수백만 중국인을 빈곤에서 벗어나도록 함 하지만 이는 환경을 오염시키는 결과 초래 중국의 성장은 오염이 심한 석탄 연료에 기반했고 때문에 베이징과 같은 도시의 심각한 공기오염을 초래함 중국의 리더들은 이런 오염이 […]