What If Only One Baby Was Born in a Year

In the twelve seconds it takes me to finish this sentence, about fifty-five babies will be bored around the world. Probably 55 adults too. I have that effect on people sometimes…wait. Oh, that’s born not bored? Okay that’s different. Fifty-five babies will be born around the world. That’s three hundred and sixty thousand every day. […]

What Fuels Oil and Gas Prices? (w/ Diego Parrilla)

DIEGO PARRILLA: My name is Diego Parrilla, I’m a mining and petroleum engineer from Spain. I did my masters in Mineral Economics in the Colorado School of Mines and the French Institute of Petroleum in Paris. I spent pretty much half of my career on the investment banking side with some of the leading global […]

Trump praises US energy industry: ‘America is now No. 1 in oil’

Light Guide Solar Concentrators

[Greg Schmidt] Our group has developed light guide solar concentrators. Now these work by collecting the solar incident light on the surface and concentrating it all to come out along a single edge of the device this particular one is a prototype that achieves about sixty times concentration and at this edge is where you […]

🔴 How Climate Change Affects Corn & Soybean Prices (w/ Shawn Hackett)

JAKE MERL: Welcome to Trade Ideas. I’m Jake Merl, sitting down with Shawn Hackett, President of Hackett Financial Advisors. Shawn, great to have you back on the show. SHAWN HACKETT: It’s always good to be here. JAKE MERL: Let’s get right into it. What are we talking about today? SHAWN HACKETT: We’re talking about a […]

China Pakistan Economic Corridor Project Launched in Islamabad

This project is a mega project of this century And if this project is completed then more than three billion people of the world will take benefit from this project People are having some confusion back here in Pakistan hey think that this is some sort of a highway or some special road This corridor […]

OMV Results January – September 2019 (KPIs)

In the first 9 months of 2019 OMV had a good performance driven by a higher Upstream and Downstream result. The strong Upstream result is attributable to substantially higher production from New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates. Total hydrocarbon sales volumes increased – in particular because of the higher demand. On the other hand, […]

What Mass Media Gets Wrong About Cryptocurrency: Blockchain Beyond Bitcoin (w/ Ash Benington)

Ash Bennington: Over the last few years, the only thing more impressive than the skyrocketing surge in cryptocurrency prices is the media attention they’ve attracted. But what if in this tsunami of media coverage of digital currencies, we’re missing the big story? What if the real revolution isn’t the shortterm surge in the valuation of […]