Rethinking consumption: Measuring success through well-being and happiness

So, thank you for having me, thanks, Mike, for the introduction, Elder Whiskeyjack and Councillors. I’m gonna rip through seven minutes of shock and awe, hopefully inspiring some new thinking. As Michael said, as Mike said, I just returned from Seoul, Korea where I was invited by the mayor of Seoul and several distinguished philosophers […]

202. Brandon Sandmaier – From Oilsands Heavy Duty Mechanic to Solar Company Owner

I used to work in the oil and gas industry for 12 years. In 2014 my career took an abrupt change when I decided to go back to school and return to NAIT I had two children at the time and I really wanted to move into a career that that they could be proud […]

Leduc – bringing energy solutions to light

We were one of the first municipalities that were willing to take a chance on solar and I believe now that from the results that we’ve got that other municipalities are gonna take the leap of faith as well and it’s it’s not so much a leap of faith any more because we have the […]

Household Solar – Renewable

– This is Gordon. See, about 30 years ago Gordon develops this abrupt and lifelong fascination with solar energy. He ends up being the first guy in town to install solar on his roof, and like twelfth in the whole country which is of note because Gordon is from Edmonton, Alberta, the gateway to Canada’s […]