The History of Electrical Engineering: Crash Course Engineering #4

Electricity powers our world. And we harness it through electrical engineering, the field that focuses on the application of electricity and electromagnetism in our everyday lives. Just as you have blood pumping through your veins, machines and systems often need electrical power flowing through their wires to work. It’s the lifeblood of our society. And […]

Top 10 Animals With Bizarre Colors

Animals are amazing but sometimes animals come in completely unexpected and bizarre colors these images are not photoshopped but they sure do look it get ready to change how you see wildlife and Mother Nature forever I’m Charlie and today we’re going to look at animals with bizarre colors but before we get into it […]

Jamie Dimon on Record Earnings in Q4 2019 | JPMorgan Chase & Co.

This week: JPMorgan Chase is reporting record financial performance for 2019. We remain well positioned as we continue to build on our scale and benefit from the diversification of our business models. A look at the earnings numbers and contributing factors. U.S. yields fell sharply in 2019. Could we expect a rebound soon? And how […]

Electrical Tricks of Biba Struja the Battery Man

Hi. Internet showed me another miracle man called Biba Struja. He started from humble beginnings. (At first glance, you would never…) He could hold live wires, and cook sausage with electricity holding wires, and set fire by sending electricity through his body. Later, he cooked more sausages and set more things on fire and also […]

Rise of the Kidpreneurs – Why our students will need an entrepreneurial spirit

– We often think about, when we’re teaching kids that we’re teaching them to come into careers. Right, you’re a career counsellor, you get this. And we think about a job that they’re going to do, we think “okay well do you like law, do you like medicine?” because we still have our streams of […]

Kejriwal 5 year Report Card | Analysis by Dhruv Rathee

Hello friends The Aam Aadmi Party has completed five years (of rule) in Delhi. A lot of promises has been made Come, let us see how many of those have been fulfilled and how much progress has been made in Delhi Come let us produce a report card of 5 years of the Kejriwal government […]

Are Electric Cars Really More Environmentally Friendly?

[INTRO ♪] Telling people that buying an electric car is a great way to fight climate change is a pretty reliable way to start an argument in some circles. People will say that you still burn fossil fuels with electric cars – it just happens at the power plant instead of the engine. And while […]

Electrical experiments with plants that count and communicate | Greg Gage

I’m a neuroscientist, and I’m the co-founder of Backyard Brains, and our mission is to train the next generation of neuroscientists by taking graduate-level neuroscience research equipment and making it available for kids in middle schools and high schools. And so when we go into the classroom, one way to get them thinking about the […]

Electric Cars: Technology, Business, and Policy | DelftX on edX | Course About Video

Will We Ever Cure Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer diagnosed in women in the United States, right behind skin cancer. While it largely affects women, it can also occur in men. Fortunately, thanks to awareness, early detection, and research, survival rates have increased but there’s still a lot we’re learning. So how far have we come […]