Electric Range Stove Repair: How To Repair Burner Elements

from this to this with a little bit of this and this but this can turn into this and this if you don’t know about this ! Electric stove tops and ovens have revolutionized the way that we cook and live with precision temperature control nearly instant surface heat and simple clean up we can […]

We Can Power The World With Algae!

You know when you’re minding your own business, swimming in a lake or ocean and that green blob touches you and you’re NOT DOWN. That stuff could power your house, your car, and it could even stop global warming. Hey there muckrakers, thanks for watching DNews, I’m Trace. Algae is plural. It encompasses a large […]

Spidey & Ms. Marvel Get Zapped! | Marvel Super Hero Adventures – Electric Youth | SHORT

♪♪ You kids paint the low part; I’ve got it up here. (chuckle) If it was one person trying to paint this whole place, it would take forever. But with everyone working together, we’ll be finished soon. Teamwork in action. Which I learned from my pal, Ms. Marvel. [alarm bells ringing] Ringing like that means […]

How to do produce electricity with a lemon | Science Projects

easy trick ( hack ) how to generate electricity with a lemon with cheap materials and home materials only need a lemon copper wire and steel wire funny science experiment for kids enjoy it

This Soccer Ball Generates Electricity | Innovation Nation

sometimes the extraordinary is masked in the ordinary take the humble soccer ball for example when 26 year old inventor Jessica O Matthews got a hold of it you could say it became a thing of magic located in New York City I met up with Jessica to find out more about one very bright […]

Thomas Van Dyck and Fossil Fuel Divestment | Bioneers Short Clips

If you haven’t divested from fossil fuels my question for you is what is inspiring you to underperform? Right? What’s inspiring you to not keep pace with the benchmarks? And for all those and I’m sure everyone here is divesting but for those who haven’t, go to fossilfreefunds.org or the As You Sow webpage look […]

How Does The Electric Chair Work?

As you might have seen in our worst punishments show, humanity has come up with some very gruesome forms of executing people throughout history. Ever hear the phrase “thrown to the lions”, which the Romans called “damnatio ad bestias”? Well not just lions, but all kinds of wild animals might have been called upon to […]

Simple generator: AC electric generator for science fair

Inside Levi’s Stadium: Home of the San Francisco 49ers | Innovation Nation

going to live sporting events is a lot of fun but there’s always a lot of people so there are lines to get in lines to get food even lines to the bathroom and in our social media connected world most of these arenas are full of dead zones with no cell or Wi-Fi service […]

Electrical Tricks of Biba Struja the Battery Man

Hi. Internet showed me another miracle man called Biba Struja. He started from humble beginnings. (At first glance, you would never…) He could hold live wires, and cook sausage with electricity holding wires, and set fire by sending electricity through his body. Later, he cooked more sausages and set more things on fire and also […]