35 kw solar plant on school , Gujarat animation before execution optimum area utilized efficient design for electric and structural longevity bi-annual diagnosis of the plant total area – 4200 sq feet 65,000 units generated annually contact us – +91 281 3066673, +91 7874737373

What If You Were Inside a Nuclear Reactor During A Meltdown?

Nuclear power plants are one of the biggest producers of energy in the world, currently providing about 11% of the world’s total electricity production. Nuclear reactors work by using the energy released from the splitting of atoms to produce steam, which in turn powers a turbine that generates electricity. Nuclear power is statistically very safe, […]

What Caused the Catastrophic Nuclear Accident in Chernobyl?

Chernobyl is a city in the Ukraine located about 56 miles (90 kilometers) northeast of the capital, Kiev. Prior to the disaster and a subsequent evacuation, it was home to around 14,000 people. At that time, it was still part of the Soviet Union. The city was the location of the first ever nuclear power […]

Homework Hotline: Hydropower

Julie Smith-Galvin: so hydropower very simply is power made from falling water so it uses the gravity of water that falls down it’s called the head so when water falls from above to below it can turn a turbine which then turns a generator and makes power that we use for electricity canals sometimes are […]

PUR-1 Nuclear Reactor Tour

This is Purdue University’s Reactor Number 1. It is Indiana’s first and only nuclear reactor, originally built in 1962. For its first 54 years, it was licensed at 1 kilowatt, but will move to 10 kilowatt operation during 2017. The reactor is a central piece to the research and teaching mission of the School of […]

The Curious Case of Free Energy Device

Hi, I’d like to rectify free energy. It’s one of the hot topics between electronic enthusiasts. There are many demonstrations built by people out there, such as this guy from Pakistan who invented such machine with 1.6 million video video views. Electric companies hate him, mainly because he’s wearing huge sunglasses indoors. He has a […]

Loading the Reactor

Bob Egge: So we got an empty reactor, we got 2,004 process tubes, we got all the water we need. We got everything set up on the front end. We have got the verticals, the horizontals, we got the tubes, we got the backside. So we need to be able to charge this. Inside the […]

Why Don’t We Have Water Powered Cars Yet?

Hey there, welcome to Life Noggin! Hey there! Welcome to my garage-slash-workshop-slash-Olympic-sized swimming pool room. And it’s the perfect place to work on my new invention, a water-powered car! Well, ok, it’s not *technically* my invention. The idea for water-powered cars has been kicking around for ages. Jules Verne wrote that “water will be the […]

Nuclear Fusion Reactor ITER: MEGAPROJECTS (Part 7)

No list of megaprojects would be complete without including the largest-ever science project. The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (or, ITER) is a collaboration between China, the European Union, India, Japan, Russia, South Korea, and the United States that is under construction in Southern France where researchers will attempt to see if they can, essentially, recreate […]

The World’s Future MEGAPROJECTS: 2019-2040’s (Season 2 – Complete)

These are the most ambitious megaprojects in development around the world. No other country, with the exception of China and perhaps India, is undergoing a bigger building boom than Turkey. The Turkish government is overseeing a $400 billion spending spree on infrastructure that it hopes will lay the groundwork for a rapid economic rise. The […]