Should We Live On Venus BEFORE Mars?

Hey There! Welcome to Life Noggin! It seems like everyone wants to go to Mars nowadays. The red planet has been all the buzz with organizations like NASA and SpaceX promising to get us there in the next ten-ish years, but there are so many problems with living on Mars. Instead, some experts think we’d […]

These Lost Apollo Tapes Reveal How Astronauts Changed the Moon

Almost 50 years after the last mission to the moon, there are still questions the expeditions didn’t answer. Now though thanks to some archival sleuthing, one of those mysteries has been solved and it turns out the solution is… kinda dumb. It all started when the Apollo 15 mission in 1971 and the Apollo 17 […]

How Einstein’s Eclipse Changed the Course of Physics Forever

About every 18 months, the Moon passes directly between the Sun and the Earth for a total solar eclipse. This alignment casts a brief shadow on Earth that we can track … and its location changes each time. This year’s eclipse swept across South America, stretching over Chile and Argentina. It was visible over the […]

Is Phosphorus the Reason We Haven’t Found Aliens Yet?

As my favorite comic strip artist once said, “The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that is none of it has tried to contact us.” But as it turns out, we earthlings may be luckier than we previously thought. Scientists have new evidence that one element in particular may be […]

How Much Heat Can Your Body Take Before Killing You?

It may be hot in the summer where you live, but here’s a question: how hot is too hot? Like, at what temperature does your body ACTUALLY start to break down? That escalated quickly. Well, so have the world’s seasonal temperatures. In Death Valley, one of the hottest places on earth, the average temperature for […]

How Space Triggers Herpes in Astronauts

There’s really no good way to say this, so I’m just gonna go for it: an unexpected consequence of spaceflight is herpes. A research team has unveiled interesting results about the presence of herpes in astronauts that not only shed light on human health in space, but also tell us some important things about the […]

Scientists’ Crazy Plan to Power Solar Panels with E. Coli

Solar panels have amazing promise, but serious limitations. They’re expensive to produce, and it’s in the name–you need sun to power them. What if there were a way to make solar panels cheaper AND functional even in places with limited sun? And what if I told you the key to this is…bacteria? I know! Color […]

Giant Flow Batteries Could Power Your City in the Future

Scientists are looking into sustainably powering entire cities, and with liquid-based redox flow batteries, we’re one step closer to making that happen. If we’re ever going to replace fossil fuels with renewable sources like solar and wind power, then we’re going to need a way to store energy for when it’s dark and not windy, […]

Could We Make The Perfect Energy Source?

Hey There! Welcome To Life Noggin! With temperatures rising, forests being destroyed and oceans polluted, we need a clean energy source that wont cause more damage to our fragile planet as you probably know, there is a lot of debate on which energy source is the best. The perfect energy source would be efficient, safe, […]

NASA’s Nuclear Drone Will Search For Life on Titan

Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, is thought to have seas of methane with a landscape and atmosphere functioning much similar to our own. Which is why NASA is developing a nuclear-powered rotorcraft-lander, deemed Dragonfly, to send to Titan’s surface. This car-sized drone will investigate the organic-rich terrain like never before, revealing whether or not this moon […]