#47 – A Tour of a Unique All-Electric Barge. Like Nothing You’ve EVER Seen Before

Hello. Good morning. And today we’re going to do a slightly different video in terms of, it’s not us travelling and it’s not actually about us, it’s about a wide beam electric boat, which to my mind…I mean, you know I’ve not seen any wide beam electric boats. I’ve seen plenty of electric narrowboats, and […]

12 volt DC charge SYSTEMS electric boat ~ Home made Flexible SOLAR PANELS ~ solartekTV

Alright. We’re gonna go ahead and mount… this 5 WATT panel… that we, fisnished making here a little while ago and uh… this one runs at about twentytwo ta twenty four Volts,… DC (direct current) and it’s actually going to a charge controller uhh, It’ll max out @ 14.2 volts,DC and, we’re gonna go ahead […]

10 Solar Powered and Electric Boats making a Big Splash

– [Glenn] Ahoy mateys, did you realize that solar power is the most abundant energy source on earth? By turning to more solar powered objects, you’re reducing harmful emissions being released into your environment, and how cool is it to say that you’re harnessing star power. I’m Glenn and I’ll be your captain manning today’s […]