DC parallel circuits explained – The basics how parallel circuits work working principle

Hey there guys, Paul here from TheEngineeringMindset.com. In this video we going to be looking at parallel circuits to understand how they work and how to calculate them. There’s also some problems at the end of the video, for you to try and solve. So we can connect components of a circuit in either series, […]

1. Advance Illustration | Current Electricity | Resistance of a Conductor with Varying Cross-Section

here in this illustration, we’ll discuss about the resistance of a conductor with varying cross section. here you can see the figure shows a conductor of length l. and having a cross section which is varying. and, the radius of cross section varies linearly from, radius ay to b. and the resistivity of material given […]

How Does Electricity Work? | ELECTRICITY Science

everyone please welcome my next guest generic electron now mister electron nice to have you on the show. don’t you find it at least a little ionic that you’re so negative but you love to be around positive molecules hey squints, princess photosynthesis asks can you explain electricity and is it related to heat? electricity […]

How Electricity Works | Understanding Electricity | what is electricity for kids

What is Electricity? Any appliances that we use in our daily lives such as household appliances, office equipments and industrial equipments, almost all of those things take electricity. Therefore, we should understand electricity. The first question that we will find out the answer is “where does electricity come from?” All matters are made up of […]

What is Electricity for Kids? || Science for Kids

Hello children! We have an awesome question today from Avery, age 4, from Portland, Oregon! Avery asks, “What is electricity?” Electricity is a type of energy. It is the flow of tiny particles called electrons. Electricity can be STATIC or CURRENT. Static Electricity is when it stays in one place. For example: Have you ever […]

11. Advance Illustration | Current Electricity | Steady State Analysis of RC Circuits-3

let us analyze another r c circuit in its steady state. here we are, required to find the ratio of charges on 4 micro farad and 6 micro farad capacitor in steady state. here we know steady state no current flows through, any capacitor. so here we just have a look if. there is any […]

1. Class 12th Physics | Current Electricity | Electric Current | by Ashish Arora

dear students lets start with the topic of electric current. and, in your early classes you might have studied about the basic definition of current in which, we write that. rate of flow of charge. through. any cross section. of a conductor. in which current is flowing obviously we are talking about. is called. electric […]

Electric Current: Crash Course Physics #28

Imagine you’re floating down a river. Maybe the stream is calm and serene, flowing without obstruction. Or perhaps it’s a rushing river, churning and splashing over rocks! Well, the way water moves in a river is a lot like how electricity flows through a wire. But when we say that electricity is flowing, we’re really […]

16. Advance Illustration | Current Electricity | Convection Current due to Motion of a Wire

in this illustration we’ll discuss about the convection current due to motion of a wire, and this is saying. a long cylindrical wire of radius, ay and it is uniformly charged. and this wire starts moving along the length at speed v. we are required to find the convection current due to physical flow of […]