U.S. Wind Capacity Surpasses Hydropower

Wind surpassed hydro as the biggest source of renewable electricity here in the U.S. thanks to a tripling of wind capacity since 2008. You may be wondering where are all these wind turbines going up? Well the top 3 states are Texas, Iowa, and Oklahoma. So how much power are we actually talking about here? […]

Federal Columbia River Power System: Generating Benefits for Generations

[On screen: The Federal Columbia River Power System provides power, irrigation, navigation, recreation and flood control. The Federal Columbia River Power System produces more electricity than any other river system in the nation. The Federal Columbia River Power System supplies irrigation water to more than a million acres of Northwest land. The Federal Columbia River […]

How Solar is Evolving with Bryan Birsic of Wunder Capital

– What’s up everyone, hope you’re having a good day. Just got done with my live stream and I’m going to meet up with my friend Bryan Birsic, the founder and CEO of Wunder Capital. He just finished up a talk at Solar Summit here in San Diego, so we’re gonna go hop in the […]