New Lithium-sulphur battery is capable of powering a smartphone for 5 days

Researchers from Monash University, Australia have developed the world’s most efficient lithium-sulphur battery, capable of powering a smartphone for five continuous days. Prototype cells have been developed in Germany. Further testing in cars and solar grids to take place in Australia in this year. The researchers have a filed patent on the manufacturing process, and […]

How is Electricity like Kale Ice Cream? | Ludicrous Analogies

Your next car may be Chinese and electric

– Oh my God! These guys are in Shenzhen, a city in south China that’s one of China’s tech hubs. Electric cars are everywhere here. China has never been one of the world’s great car-making countries. But what’s happening in Shenzhen right now could be a glimpse into the future. A future where the world […]

Tesla Supercharger Network Could Double in Next 12 Months [highlight]

Octopus now 5 hours cheap Electric, oh and a free £5 credit!

Shh I’ve got a little secret today and that is octopus have sent out an email to select a number of customers and you may be one of them and you might want to read the email and even if you’re not one of the customers you might want to watch this video and find […]

Watch Tesla Unveil Its Pickup Truck In Under 6 Minutes

Elon Musk: Trucks have been the same for a very long time. We need something different. Audience member: Go cyber! Musk: And we need sustainable energy now. So, I present to you: the Cybertruck. [audience cheers] Doesn’t look like anything else. [audience laughs] The functionality I’m gonna describe is within a space that is less […]

Smart Grid Products: LF-G Series Power Relay (Part 2)

In part one of our four part series on Panasonic Smart Grid products, we looked at the HE-V Series Power Relay and its usage in DC type applications for solar and battery cutoff. In this video, we’ll highlight the LF-G Series Power Relay and its role in switching AC loads in Smart Grid applications. The […]


we humans are very careless we prefer money over health meanwhile pollution is increasing significantly in the past ten years we have water purifiers to filter our water but what about air pollution do you think you’re breathing in pure air according to wh0 9 out of 10 people are breathing polluted air which kills […]

Can electric vehicles go mainstream? | CNBC Reports

Cars, buses, motorcycles, trucks, helicopters and even ships. Electric vehicles are slowly but surely making inroads into the transportation industry, but is this enough to actually change the way we travel? Here in Singapore, there were more than 930,000 vehicles on the road in 2018. Only 707 of them were electric. That doesn’t sound like […]

Electric Cars: Mr. Smith owns an electric car!