How Coal Fired Thermal Power Stations Work

How Electricity is made ?

oh no there is no electricity I was just about to finish my game have to restart it now food seems like there is still a problem in the electricity supplies Don’t worry it’ll be back in a moment. Wow it’s back.We can’t on do anything without electricity these days .Yeah, but do you know […]

EnergyShouldBe News November, 2012

R. Buckminster Fuller said “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.” “To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Welcome to News November, 2012 Electricity. Researchers have made butterfly wing material through the use of lasers. that can mimic the iridescent colors of a butterfly wing and […]

How nuclear fission works

Nuclear energy has been helping to power the province since 1962. Bruce Power helps keep our lights on using clean, reliable and affordable nuclear energy. But how does it all work? Nuclear power doesn’t burn any fuels like coal, so there are no gases or pollutants released into the air. No greenhouse gases means it’s […]

Why Install Solar Panels at Home?

We would be at the high end of electricity users, if there is pretty much an appliance or gadget we’ve probably got it. We were look at the whole solar panel thing for quite a while. We thought let’s just start with eight panels on our roof. We were really pleasantly surprised about the big […]

How Linear Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Plants Work (Animation)

– [Instructor] Hi, John here. In this video, we’re gonna look at a Linear Concentrator. It’s a type of solar power station where we use the heat from the sun’s rays to generate electricity. We’re gonna have a look at all of the main components within the system and we’re gonna explain to you how […]

Rooftop Solar Panel System

Hello Friends, Today our topic of discussion is “Rooftop Solar Panel System” First of all I would request you all to Like, Share and subscribe this Channel to get more tips and tricks about Solar Energy, solar panels and solar power plants in India. Rooftop Solar Panel System (Solar roof mounts) best known as solar […]